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The Race/Knowledge Project: Anti-Racist Praxis and the Global University

The Race/Knowledge Project considered the contemporary status of race within what the "global" university. The contours of this year-long research program included public lectures, roundtables, study groups, and a symposium centered on how "anti-racist praxis" might negotiate the discourses of the colorblind, multicultural university.

Queer + Public + Performance

Queer + Public + Performance engaged the intersection of queer scholarship, performance, art, and technologies to mobilize queer and allied scholars, teachers, artists, and activists in cross-disciplinary, cross-platform public cultural and intellectual work.

The Race/Knowledge Project

The Race/Knowledge Project was an interdisciplinary research cluster exploring the contemporary articulations and contradictions of race and culture as they mediate the production of global and local imaginaries within and beyond the university.

Queer + Public + Pedagogy

Queer + Public + Pedagogy, a graduate student interest group that engaged the intersection of queer scholarship and pedagogical practices within the university and beyond.Through a schedule of tea times, reading groups, workshops, and research colloquia we built upon prior years of discussion about the theoretical, institutional, and performative possibilities of queer publics and counterpublics.

The Race/Knowledge Project

Years Active: 2010-2011

The Race/Knowledge Project was dedicated to interrogating the contemporary status of race within what is increasingly understood as the global university and its intricate connections to our local communities.

Indigenous Encounters

This cluster examines the relationships between Indigenous peoples, knowledge production, political struggle, and conventional modes of scholarship. Through workshops and public lectures, the cluster will explore the role of Indigenous peoples in political and intellectual struggles throughout the world.