Projects tagged with 'global'

The Race/Knowledge Project

The Race/Knowledge Project was an interdisciplinary research cluster exploring the contemporary articulations and contradictions of race and culture as they mediate the production of global and local imaginaries within and beyond the university.

Moving Image Research Group

Affiliated with the Moving Images Research Group (MIRG), this graduate interest group provides a platform for students to discuss both images and their various visual representations, as well as methods and models for approaching images in their research.

Human Interactions and Normative Innovations

This research cluster aims to promote the study of different contexts in which normative ideals such as humanity (Salamanca School), rights and citizenship (European Enlightenment), and human rights (Critical Theory) have emerged. This initiative is part of a multi-year project involving colloquia, seminars, international exchanges, and other activities to be developed in partnership with the University of Frankfurt, Germany.

The Race/Knowledge Project: Crossdisciplinary and Community Collaborations as Anti-Racist Praxis

The Race Knowledge Project

The Race/Knowledge Project is dedicated to interrogating the contemporary status of race within what is increasingly understood as the global university and its intricate connections to our local communities.

Performing the Gap

Performing the Gap Graduate Interest Group

At this intersection of the political with the popular, Performing the Gap  fosters a critical examination of performance as a site for conceptualizing contemporary cultural practices, modernity, citizenship, and democracy.

Masculinities: Belief, Being and (Re)Action

Masculinities Crossdisciplinary Research Cluster

The Masculinities research cluster aims to develop a shared understanding of interdisciplinary scholarship in the field and to provide opportunities for participants to develop their own work and perspectives among a community of scholars, as well as space for developing collaborative projects.

Indigenous Encounters

This cluster examines the relationships between Indigenous peoples, knowledge production, political struggle, and conventional modes of scholarship. Through workshops and public lectures, the cluster will explore the role of Indigenous peoples in political and intellectual struggles throughout the world.

MIRG: Moving Image Research Group

Moving Image Research Group

The Moving Images Research Group (MIRG) supports and develops Cinema and Media Studies Ph.D. Certificate program. In the current year, the group seeks to expand its colloquium series and broaden the MIRG community.


New Geographies of Feminist Art

This collaboration proposes writing a global history of feminist art that considers the complex and contingent histories of South-South connections and uses methods drawn from anthropology, art history, and feminist studies.

Asian American Studies Research Collective

The Asian American Studies Research Collective (AASRC) is an interdisciplinary group of graduate students who engage with the cultural, social, historical and political manifestations of Asian America.