Projects tagged with 'global'

Performance Studies Research Group

The Performance Studies Research Group draws together scholars from various disciplines to discuss foundational and new work in the field of performance studies.

Performance Studies Research Group

The Performance Studies Research Group draws together scholars from various disciplines to read and discuss foundational and new work in Performance Studies. We also host quarterly talks by leading scholars from US and international universities.

Performing the Gap

This graduate study group fosters a critical examination of performance as a site for conceptualizing contemporary cultural practices, modernity, citizenship, and democracy via discussions among graduate students, faculty, community performers, an

Moving Image Research Group

Affiliated with the Moving Images Research Group (MIRG), MIRG-GIG aims to bring together graduate students from diverse departments interested in the study of moving images, including film, television, or new media.

New Geographies of Feminist Art: China, Asia, and the World

Wu Mali, Secret Garden, 1999, installation view. Photographed by Leo Lee. © Wu Mali -

New Geographies of Feminist Art is an international conference that addresses the practice, circulation, and cross-cultural significance of feminist art from Asia.

Rethinking Marxism Conference: Stranger Economies

This conference interrogates the nature of the economic by elucidating the workings of economy and imaginations of the economic in its strangeness and alterity. It invites participants to contemplate the strange in relation to economy in all its forms. 

Transatlantic Dialogues on the Environment

This symposium brings together scholars to address environmental issues in a global and collaborative cross-disciplinary framework that highlights the humanistic dimension of environmental study. 

Spaces of Possibility: Korea and Japan, In, Between, and Beyond the Nation

Spaces of Possibility is a working conference on contemporary Korea and Japan that seeks to closely consider new kinds of cultural and social spaces that have begun to appear in the wake of the Asian economic crisis of the late 1990s. 

Art & Migration in the Age of Globalization

This exhibition and symposium recognizes the contributions of Shinzaburo Takeda, a Japanese master painter, printmaker, and professor of art who has lived in Mexico for nearly fifty years and has trained several generations of Mexican artists, many of them indigenous Zapotecs and Mixtecs, at University of Oaxaca.

The Race/Knowledge Project: Anti-Racist Praxis and the Global University

The Race/Knowledge Project considered the contemporary status of race within what the "global" university. The contours of this year-long research program included public lectures, roundtables, study groups, and a symposium centered on how "anti-racist praxis" might negotiate the discourses of the colorblind, multicultural university.