Project webpage

The Simpson Center will create a singular “project page” for your funded project on our website. Your project page may include a summary/description, an image, and other project details that you provide. It can also link to a larger website, if you currently have or plan to build one. 

Review a sample project page to give you a sense of what your page might look like and what kind of information may be featured. You also might like to review some examples of recent project pages

To create your project webpage, please email the following to

1. Project Title (if different than the title on your proposal)

2. Brief summary or description of your project (suggested length: 150-350 words)

When preparing a summary of your project, keep in mind that this page will function as the online presence or “face” for your project, so create a description that is concise, scannable, and inviting. This description should be less of a rationale for support and more of an overview of what your project seeks to investigate.

In other words, think of it more as an open invitation for others to collaborate with you and your project, rather than a packaged proposal description that is submitted for review. Some questions that might help:

  • What’s your project’s area of inquiry?
  • What questions do you hope to address?
  • What critical trajectory do you envision developing over the course of the year?
  • What types of activities will take place through your project? For example, will you host visiting lecturers, reading groups, workshops, discussions, colloquia, or symposia?
  • And, lastly, what forms of collaboration are you interested in—do you plan to collaborate with other campus working groups or community partners?

See our tips on writing for the web.

3. An image

Images aren’t required, but they do make a difference. Feel free to send 2-3 and we can see which one fits best in the space. Preferred size is at least 456 x 245 pixels.

4. Project Year

Please specify if this is your project’s first, second, or third year of Simpson Center funding. Please also list the year and name of previous Simpson Center-funded projects that led to you current project so that we can be sure to sync archived webpages with your current work.

5. Primary contacts

Please send the names and departmental affiliations of all project collaborators. Also, let us know which of them may be contacted by email through the website should visitors want to get in touch with them—and at which email address they’d prefer to be contacted.

6. Five Keywords

What keywords anchor your project and allow you to both articulate your work to a field of scholarship and bridge your work to other, more crossdisciplinary contexts? See our list of keywords for suggestions, but don’t hesitate to suggest your own if you feel they better reflect your project.

7. If you would like a Url shortcut that could be used to quickly refer others to your project page (i.e.,, let us know your preferred shortcut and we will do our best to accommodate.

8. Other communications platforms that visitors can use to engage with your project, if you have them

Does your project have a pre-existing website that you’d like us to link to? A blog? A Facebook page or Twitter account? A listserv? Let us know and we can include links to these on your project page!

9. For conference organizers – additional considerations:

If your project includes a conference, you may also wish to list panel themes and speaker names. Conference organizers may also want to include links to or information about registration (if reservations are being managed online), as well as information regarding hotel accommodations, parking, and transportation.

To request updates to your project webpage once it has launched, please email your edits to Please allow for a two week turnaround.




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