Simpson Center Programs

Programs fulfill central Center missions promoting innovative, crossdisciplinary research, curriculum development, and public engagement.

Digital Humanities Integrating computer technologies with humanities research. Utilizing computational tools to retrieve, analyze, and visually represent data. Exploring multimodal ways of communicating and... Read more
Initiatives stand “at the leading edge of change” by promoting collaborative, crossdisciplinary research and transformational scholarship. Fellowships are supported through faculty, postdoctoral, and graduate research fellowships on both internal and external grants.  
Lecture Series Lecture series include the tri-annual Katz Distinguished Lectures in the Humanities, the Joff Hanuaer Lectures in Western Civilization, and New Books in Print, highlighting UW faculty publications. Curriculum at the Simpson Center offers innovative, interdisciplinary graduate courses, as well as the project- and portfolio-based Certificate in Public Scholarship.
Co-Sponsored Events are supported by small discretionary grants that facilitate opportunities for interdepartmental lectures, colloquia, and conferences at UW.