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Josiah Ober Delivers Spring 2013 Katz Lecture on Democracy

The original, ancient Greek meaning of democracy—“the People’s capacity to do things”—emphasizes citizen participation. By acting as citizens, with the authority to decide important public matters, we achieve a basic human good: freely exercising our distinctive natural capacities of speech and reason, to deliberate about public interests. Moreover, the conditions necessary for an extensive and diverse citizenry to address public interests require other independently valued goods: freedom of speech and association, political equality, and civic dignity. Democracy is therefore good for the exercise of our innate capacities and good for liberty, equality, and dignity. 



Spring Funding Round Applications Accepted April 1-17, 2013

The Simpson Center will accept applications for collaborative projects—including Colloquia and Conferences, Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters, Graduate Student Interest Groups, Large-Scale Collaborations, Public Scholarship / Community Engagement, and Full Professor Crossdisciplinary Conversation Awards—for the 2013-2014 academic year beginning April 1. The deadline for this spring funding round is April 17, 2013.

Certificate in Public Scholarship Application Deadline is April 17, 2013

Applications to the Simpson Center’s Certificate in Public Scholarship program are due April 17, 2013 for coursework beginning in Fall 2013. Graduate students of good standing in any program at the UW are eligible to apply.

Rock the Archive: Women Who Rock’s 2013 (un)Conference & Film Festival Launches Digital Oral History Archive

The guiding impulse of the humanities involves the creation and interpretation of archives. Historically “the archive” connotes repositories of officially-sanctioned value—Shakespeare’s folios, the Eisenhower papers, government-sponsored entities such as the National Archives & Records Administration. The Women Who Rock research project, now in its third year of funding by the Simpson Center, wants to rock that idea, revising popular and academic accounts by producing alternative, community-driven archives in a D.I.Y. (“do-it-yourself”) spirit.

Simpson Center Meets Digital Humanities Fundraising Goal!

The Simpson Center has met its goal of matching the National Endowment for the Humanities Challenge Grant in support of the digital humanities! Thanks to our donors, we have raised $1.875 million since fundraising began in 2009!

Quetzal's "Imaginaries" Wins a Grammy!

Congrats to UW graduate student Martha Gonzalez (Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies), former Simpson Center staff member Quetzal Flores, and their band Quetzal! Their album “Imaginaries” has won a Grammy for in the “Latin Pop, Rock, or Urban Album” category.

Biological Futures in a Globalized World Presents Flu Forum, Lecture

Gaymon Bennett and Matt Sparke -

Each year as flu season approaches we're alerted to the threat posed by new strains of influenza—evolving in the wild, in laboratories, and in society. This winter, Biological Futures in a Globalized World sponsors a forum to explore the ethics and politics of H5N1 research in the context of the global political and economic inequalities that condition devastating pandemics, as well as to determine how we respond to these threats.

Cathy N. Davidson Delivers Winter 2013 Katz Lecture on Future of Higher Education, Digital Learning

In one generation, we have undergone tremendous changes in how we communicate, socialize, learn, do business, and engage in civic life. We rely on non-experts for information on sites such as Wikipedia and take the advice of strangers on everything from restaurant recommendations to health care. Interactive digital technologies have changed how we learn in everyday life far faster than they’ve changed the structures, motives, and metrics of our educational systems. Until now. According to Winter 2013 Katz Lecturer Cathy N. Davidson, we are on the threshold of a monumental transformation in higher education, one aimed at the needs and expectations of the next generation of resilient, connected, self-paced, peer-inspired, creative, multidisciplinary, and multicultural global learners.

A Sneak Peek at the Simpson Center’s Collaboration Space!

Construction is currently under way to transform three small offices into a 375 square-foot flexible, multidisciplinary collaboration space at the Simpson Center! The new space will be a hybrid: part digital scholarship lab and part space for scholarly discussion. Flexibility is the key concept behind this space. By selecting furniture and equipment that is easily stored, stacked, folded, and moved, this space will be a dynamic meeting space for a variety of small engagements and activities.

Winter 2013 Sawyer Seminar Series: B/ordering Violence

Shannon Speed (Anthropology, University of Texas), Nicole Guidotti- Hernández (American Studies, University of Texas), and William Nericcio (English and Comparative Literature & Chicana/o Studies, San Diego State University) all visit the UW during Winter 2013 as part of the 2012-13 John E. Sawyer Seminar series B/ordering Violence: Boundaries, Gender, Indigeneity in the Americas. Their talks focus on the intersections of gender, violence, and popular culture.