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How the Age of Amazon Is Reshaping Literary History

Amazon's dominance of the book-publishing industry and relentless focus on customer service herald a new era in American fiction, a prominent scholar argues.

Announcing Spring 2015 Funding Awards

The Simpson Center's Executive Board has awarded support to UW scholars for the 2015-16 year. Simpson Center funding supports a wide range of activities, including crossdisciplinary research clusters, graduate student interest groups, scholarly conferences, and projects in our new “other” category.  

Introducing the Mellon Fellows for Reaching New Publics in the Humanities

The Simpson Center for the Humanities announces six Mellon Fellows for Reaching New Publics in the Humanities.

Scholars at Work: A News Roundup

What are we celebrating these days at the Simpson Center? We’re so glad you asked …

We Wandered as a Cloud: Collaborative Poetry for a Digital Age

The research cluster Affect & Audience in the Digital Age brings a distinctly collaborative approach for rethinking poetry in the digital era.

Rainer Forst Lectures on Toleration and Democracy (Video)

Rainer Forst argued for a particular democratic notion of toleration in a full Kane Hall auditorium on Wedneday, April 29.

Historian James Gregory Receives Barclay Simpson Prize for Scholarship in Public

Jim Gregory's drive to bring history beyond the academy—at times exposing uncomfortable truths—makes him a fitting recipient for the Barclay Simpson Prize for Public Scholarship.

Debating Palestine in the Public Sphere

A recent talk by human rights activist Omar Barghouti brought into stark relief the challenge of debating Palestine in public.

Rainer Forst Delivers Spring Katz Lecture on “Toleration and Democracy”

German philosopher and political theorist Rainer Forst speaks on questions of religious and racial intolerance.

Digitizing the AIDS Quilt to Fight Cultural Amnesia

The AIDS Memorial Quilt forms an extraordinary mosaic of human grief and resolve, yet it risks fading into history. Learn about Anne Balsamo's work to bring it to life online.