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Simpson Center publications include books, the Short Studies series, and newsletters. This section also highlights publications that have developed out of Simpson Center funded projects.


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Voice, Text, Hypertext: Emerging Practices in Textual Studies (2004)
Edited by Raimonda Modiano, Leroy F. Searle, and Peter Shillingsburg

Short Studies Series

Slavoj Zizek
The Art of the Ridiculous Sublime: On David Lynch’s Lost Highway (2000)

The Art of the Ridiculous Sublime

The Art of the Ridiculous Sublime presents a detailed reading of David Lynch's The Lost Highway, based on the premises of Lacanian psychoanalysis. A master of reversals, Slavoj Zizek invites the reader to reexamine easy assumptions, received opinion, and current critical trends

Semiotic Flesh: Information & the Human Body

The essays and responses in this volume, edited by Phillip Thurtle and Robert Mitchell, focus on the sites where flesh and information productively intermingle, including the strange connections between LSD and DNA research, the implications of computer-assisted surgery, and the role of the human body in virtual reality installations.

A Manifesto for Literary Studies

Known for her timely challenges to the preconceptions and often unquestioned boundaries that circumscribe our culture, Garber's beautifully crafted arguments situate "big public questions of intellectual importance" - such as human nature and historical correctness - within the practice of literary historians and critics. This manifesto revives the ancient craft whose ultimate focus is language in action.


A listing of scholarly blogs related to Simpson Center initiatives, programs, and projects.

Podcasts and Videos

Save As: Archiving Memory in the Age of Digital Technologies. Diana Taylor (Performance Studies and Spanish, New York University) delivered the keynote address for the 2010 Imagining America Conference, "Convergence Zones:  Public Cultures and Translocal Practices."